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The Ultimate Super Food You’re Not Eating Might Help Against Heart Attacks

The hemp plant has been cultivated for more than 12,000 years and, while it has great economic significance, it still gets a bad rap....

Be a measurements master WITHOUT a ruler

A consistent part of - generally speaking - "us" has no idea of what 10cm means, or 25cm or 40cm, or whatever dimension you...

10 inedible parts of food that are actually very useful

We usually immediately throw fruit and vegetable peels into the trash without thinking about it. Why wouldn’t we? What are we ever going to...

Here’s The Best Low Carb Menu You Could Eat Throughout The Day

Are you on a low-carb diet and are simply out of ideas about what to cook? Here are some low carb diet menu ideas.Low...
how to keep airpods from falling

Keep AirPods from slipping off your ears with this neat trick

I do enjoy my AirPods. The simplicity they bring to my everyday life is ridiculous, from running to taking work calls or watching a...
ginger benefits

Don’t Miss The Amazing Anti-Viral Benefits of Ginger and How to Consume it

Due to its impressive health effects, it is not surprising that ginger has become a spice used worldwide, especially in weight loss diets. With a...
how to make the best iced coffee

Brew the ultimate iced coffee latte this summer with this $1 hack

In case you didn't notice, IT'S SUMMEEER! Yay! Temperature is hitting 80's and upper 90's and here, in Texas, things will get even worse,...
Embrace Minimalism and Declutter Your Life

10 Life-Changing Tips to Embrace Minimalism and Declutter Your Life

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of 'stuff' in your life? Do you wish you could press the reset button and simplify everything?...
fight obesity

Fight obesity by eating these unique foods

"Fiber" is what everyone is talking, we know fiber is good but I don't think they are very well understood. In short, fiber is a...
lose belly fat

Lose Your Belly Fat With These Common Sense Lifestyle Choices

It’s no secret that belly fat is stubborn and difficult to lose. Even with a strict diet and an intense workout routine, many people...
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