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Create a group / family email account for honorable common correspondence

If i had $1 for each time my wife asked me to redirect her an email from the nursery, from the landlord, from whatever...
how to help someone who is choking

How to help someone who is choking

Choking is something that can happen to anyone at anytime. You can choke on food, liquid, and even on the saliva in your mouth. Some people...
foods that increase children immunity

Foods that increase children’s immunity: what is good to eat in the fall and...

During the fall and the winter, we all become more sensitive, including children, which is why it is good to prepare our immune system...
how much water do i need to drink to lose weight

Here’s How Much Water You Need To Drink To Lose Weight

Even if water does not help burn calories, as it is mistakenly considered, it can help you in the weight loss process, because it...
spirulina - health benefits

Spirulina: Fight Inflammation in Your Body With This Ultimate Super Food

Spirulina is an alga, more precisely a microalga, consumed for centuries for its healing properties, but also for its special nutritional qualities. Spirulina is a...

Scrambled eggs ready to go

Avoid the mess and the stress of eggs, either if you must carry them or cook them on a camping site. Why you're going to...
detox diets are a sham

Detox diets are a sham. Here’s why

So, 2 carrots, 1 bouquet of broccoli, 10 grapes, 2 celery stalks and a few slices of ginger. Sounds familiar? Don't pretend it doesn't, it...

Brew the healthiest coffee in the Universe by doing these 2 things

I am a coffee aficionado and love coffee in absolutely any way possible: drip, latte, cappuccino and the list goes on! Coffee is a...
how to improve wifi macbook pro

Speed up your Macbook WiFi by changing this 1 setting

One of the things I hate in life is to pay for services that I cannot enjoy because of my personal setup or situation....
flush toxic heavy metals from your body

Flush Heavy Metals From Your Body By Adding This Unique Spice Into Your Diet

Heavy metals can take a massive toll on your body, health and well-being. Heavy metals first enter your bloodstream when exposed to farmed fish,...
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