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Save money while you wait for that hot shower water

We've all been there: you turn the water on and need to wait for like 5 minutes to get that hot water you need...

Cleaning tip: remove rust from car wheel discs and rims

If you own a car, you'll get this. Rust will be there, it's just a matter of time. Fortunately, there is a solution to...
how to build a mosquito trap

DIY: Build a mosquito trap and live bite-free forever

We've all suffered. Oh, those bites are so itchy and scratching makes it even worse. But here a 9tohacks, we live to serve. Here's...

How to fix a broken nail

Why you're going to love this We all been there, admit it. It happened at least once, exactly before that event you wanted to go...

Pool noodle door stopper

Why you’re going to love this Cheap to make ($1at the Dollar Store). Done in less than 1 minute. Happy toddler fingers. What you’ll need You'll need...

How to fix a zipper

Why you’re going to love this Fix that zipper. It's simple to do. It's free. And yes, it solves for that annoying broken zipper that...

Come on matches, light my fire!

Of course you have matches to light your camp fire, but what if they are wet? Here comes the solution. Why you're going to love...

How to preserve your paint roller trays and be mess free as well

We all know how frustrating cleaning our tools after painting can be. Cleaning the paint roller tray can be a tedious task, and most...
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