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how to cook broccoli

Preserve Broccoli Anti-Cancer Nutrients By Cooking it The Right Way

The main active substance in broccoli is sulforaphane, which protects our brain, eyesight, body against free radicals and leads to the formation of detoxifying...
gas stove knobs - child safety

Keep your toddler safe and away from the gas stove with this trick

As a parent, I am always on the lookout for things that might put my daughter in danger such as sharp corners and edges,...
how to remove chewing gum

Remove chewing gum, wax, adhesive tape and stickers with this trick

Double adhesive tape is the most amazing invention of all times: it helps us hang stuff, secure drawers to keep our little ones from...
carcinogenic sweetners

Avoid these carcinogenic sweeteners at all cost

Carcinogenic Sweeteners: One should always understand that, generally, "artificial" does not sound good. From my personal experience I can say that many people use...
de-clutter your clothes

Triple your storage space for clothes by using this magic bag

One of the few things me and my wife have done when we travelled around the world is we bought large suitcases to make...
how to remove sharpie marks

Learn how to remove Sharpie marks from (almost) everything

As a dad, one of the most amazing things I get to see and enjoy every day is watching my daughter using her coloring...
shower head

Save money on shower water by doing this little thing

It's Friday night when I am writing this article and about to call it a day. One of the rituals I like to end...
how to remove bad smell garbage disposal

Obliterate bad smell from your garbage disposal with this trick

One of the things I constantly make sure in my kitchen is that all my appliances are sanitized and clean. I've talked about how...
how to keep cockroaches away

Get Rid of Cockroaches the natural way with these awesome hacks

Cockroaches are a menace to each family. Whereas store-bought pesticides are efficient in killing these pesky pests, they're chemical substances that may be dangerous...
how to clean coffee machine

Remove all mold from your coffee machine with this simple hack

I love coffee. It is my companion in those lazy mornings, before workouts or during late afternoons when the sugar rush goes away and...
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