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How to connect IKEA’s Tradfri smart lights to your Philips Hue hub

If you are not already familiar with the smart light solution provided by Philips, you should know that it is a big step forward...
how to remove chewing gum

Remove chewing gum, wax, adhesive tape and stickers with this trick

Double adhesive tape is the most amazing invention of all times: it helps us hang stuff, secure drawers to keep our little ones from...
natural hacks against mosquitos

Try These Natural Hacks Against Mosquitos

We live in an age where summer is invaded by mosquitoes, flies, ants and other harmful insects. The first solution we think of is to resort...
how to fix a flat tire

How to fix a flat tire in less than 5 minutes

I have to share this with you, guys: one of my tires got punctured last summer when I was headed to San Antonio for...

Use AAA (smaller) batteries INSTEAD of AA (bigger), like nothing happened

I have to admit that when i'm talking about batteries i'm referring to rechargeable ones, because there is a lot time since I haven't...

Come on matches, light my fire!

Of course you have matches to light your camp fire, but what if they are wet? Here comes the solution. Why you're going to love...
carcinogenic sweetners

Avoid these carcinogenic sweeteners at all cost

Carcinogenic Sweeteners: One should always understand that, generally, "artificial" does not sound good. From my personal experience I can say that many people use...
how to remove sharpie marks

Learn how to remove Sharpie marks from (almost) everything

As a dad, one of the most amazing things I get to see and enjoy every day is watching my daughter using her coloring...
how to clean apple watch silicone band

How to clean the Apple Watch band (silicone)

One of the things people usually do, instead of learning how to clean the Apple Watch Silicone Band when it wears out, is to...
best keto bread - ketogenic recipes

This Weekend, Bake This Super-Keto Bread For Your Family

For about two months I kept a keto diet that I got along great with due to the delicious dishes that you are allowed...
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