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smoothies to lose weight

Burn your body fat with 5 divine smoothies

Banana. Peanut butter. Cocoa powder. Milk. Ice cubes. Yogurt. Done. While this swirl of chocolate-peanut butter goodness sure does sound enticing, who...
fight sugar cravings

Fight sugar cravings with these awesome hacks

If you experience sugar cravings (like many people) you might feel like you have no “willpower” when it comes to sweets. Focus...
milk alternatives

Choose These Non-Dairy Plant-Based Alternatives to Milk

More and more people are deciding to give up dairy products. There are plenty of reasons to do it, ranging from milk...
nuts to lose weight

These Nuts Will Help You Lose Weight In No Time

All nuts are excellent sources of healthy fats and protein, but some contain bonus nutrients that will whittle your waist, lower cholesterol,...
pumpkin health benefits super food

Pumpkin: the superfood doctors don’t tell you about

Many people think of pumpkins as little more than a Halloween decoration or a Thanksgiving pie filling. However, it may be time...
foods that burn fat

These foods will burn your body fat

Consuming certain foods can lead to a reduction in body fat. When a person adds these fat-burning foods to the diet, they...

Hemp seeds: the ultimate super food you’re not eating

The hemp plant has been cultivated for more than 12,000 years and, while it has great economic significance, it still gets a...
flush toxic heavy metals from your body

Flush toxic metals from your body with this unique spice

Heavy metals can take a massive toll on your body, health and well-being. Heavy metals first enter your bloodstream when exposed to...
garlic can kill 13 infections

Garlic kills 13 infections, yet doctors don’t recommend it

Garlic is without a doubt a standout among the strongest natural antibiotics and has been observed to be particularly ground-breaking in the...

Eating these vegetables raw can harm your health

Look, I get you. I know it's frustrating to hear all the time that certain foods you like are harmful. The milk you drink...
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