Have an awesome Christmas vacay with a campervan

Many of us have considered the possibility of going camping for Christmas but brushed it off due to fears of the cold or discomfort, but this does not have to be the case!

Camping during the holiday season can be a great way to get away from distractions, to truly connect with the ones you care about most and get back to the simple roots of Christmas. So check out our tips, get packing and find a campervan to enjoy the festive season in!

Goboony Christmas Camping H2 Elderly Couple Sparklers

Plan Ahead

This is advice that you’ll hear a lot for camping, but it is especially relevant for winter camping. Firstly, be sure to book your campsite as far ahead as possible! You will be surprised how many people enjoy Christmas camping, after all you’re going for a reason, aren’t you? So avoid the possibility of disappointment and book in advance.

Consider your location carefully. Try to arrive on your site early to ensure you get an ideal spot, as there is nothing worse than being crowded or having no privacy. Make a packing list to avoid forgetting anything, as many places may be closed for Christmas. Given that most campsites are in more rural settings, try to do all your shopping prior to avoid any issues later.

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As for camping gift ideas, keep in mind the limited space of a motorhome when buying gifts. It could be beneficial to wait for gifts after you’ve returned, so you’re not bringing them back and forth. Otherwise some of the best camping gift ideas are ones that you can use throughout the trip! A nice warm blanket or camping gear if they’re an enthusiast. A camera – proper or disposable depending on budget – to capture these festive moments.

Avoid anything requiring power or internet, as there will only be disappointment at not being able to use it. A good book or board game, a piece of warm clothing, the choices are endless!

Necessary Supplies

As I mentioned previously, a camping packing list can make the world of difference! But first we must consider what to put on this packing list. Be sure to pack enough warm items, from experience this is something we often greatly underestimate. Bring that extra layer of clothing, extra blanket or whatever it takes.

Being cold is not a great way to celebrate Christmas and will greatly reduce spirit. Also, don’t forget that the sun will set far earlier in winter, so there will be extra time in the dark. Be sure to make this time just as cosy and lovely as the day by bringing enough light. Take a string of fairy lights to hang on your awning, to ensure a wonderful atmosphere and the light to see each other well. Bring candles, but be careful lighting them within your motorhome.

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Bring a torch and lantern, and plenty of extra batteries! Try to avoid things requiring power in case of issues, as you wouldn’t want a shortage to result in a dark Christmas Eve. Pack matches and a lighter, so that a campfire is always possible. But aside from these useful supplies, don’t forget the supplies that simply add to your enjoyment.

Board games will ensure you can spend time together and have a few laughs, and a pack of cards is a camping trip must!

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Christmas Cooking

A big fear for many wishing to try Christmas camping is the loss of a traditional Christmas dinner, but it doesn’t have to be this way! I’ll be honest, a traditional entire Christmas turkey will not be likely. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a delicious Christmas dinner.

The best way to achieve this would be a dutch oven, as this will allow you to roast food and will make the cooking far easier. As for turkey, perhaps consider cooking some turkey breast instead of the entire bird. Once you’ve added the cranberry sauce and vegetables, no one will know the difference!

Cooking your Christmas dinner by campfire will be even more fun, create great memories and make it an interactive family experience. And don’t be afraid to diverge from traditional Christmas foods, Christmas isn’t about the roasted potatoes being done exactly right, but about enjoying and celebrating together.

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So for dessert? Make your life easier and doing camping desserts such as s’mores or filled bananas! Be sure to bring plenty of snacks, as Christmas is always the time to let loose a little. 

Never assume that a campsite is open for Christmas! As many family-run businesses may close for this period, but there are plenty of campsites open at Christmas, so a simple search will provide dozens of options.