Best Ways to Reduce Appetite and Lose Weight

foods that reduce the appetite

Often, in the fight against excess weight, the main enemy becomes being over-hungry. Let’s see how we can reduce our appetite to lose those extra pounds without giving up our favorite foods.

How to reduce your appetite

A strong appetite makes you raid the fridge, even if you don’t want to. For most people who want to lose weight, constant hunger turns into a serious problem, which is not easy to solve. But you can!

1. Try to drink more water

We often find ourselves hungry, although it is actually a trivial thirst. A glass of water half an hour before lunch will help you to eat less. Every day you should drink at least 6 glasses of plain water. Coffee lovers can add a glass to each cup of coffee: caffeine has a diuretic effect and eliminates the liquid from the body.

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2. Choose foods that reduce your appetite

The main substance that guides the brain and makes it signal the need to eat is glucose. Its concentration affects the ability to feel hunger.

However, there are foods that keep your appetite under control, affecting your blood sugar:

  •         Vegetables, vegetables
  •         grapefruit
  •         wholemeal bread
  •         cinnamon
  •         ginger
  •         green tea
  •         coffee.
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Include several products with a low glycemic index in your diet and you will no longer feel hunger so often. Just doesn’t go to extremes, trying to give up carbs completely – after all, this is the main source of energy for the brain.

3. Chew your feed well

To receive a saturation signal in the brain, it takes about twenty minutes. During this time, you can successfully fill your stomach. So eat slowly, try to turn each meal into a ritual.

4. Eat only if you are really hungry

A common mistake that leads to obesity and an uncontrolled feeling of hunger is a meal for the company. In addition, many have a habit of reducing stress by eating, which is also not good.

5. Don’t set heavy boundaries

A piece of dark chocolate, a handful of dried plums, will not hurt your waist, but will help you perfectly in the fight against hunger. It is better to eat some goodies now, than to suffer 2 days and then devour some cakes at the same time.

6. Get enough sleep

Sleep deficiency leads to decreased levels of leptin in the body and, therefore, appetite increases.

7. Brush your teeth in any strange situation

An interesting observation: it is enough to brush your teeth or use mouth water, and your appetite will disappear like a true miracle just happened.

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8. Do not take long breaks between meals

Try to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions. Apples, carrots or low-fat homemade cheese, eaten as a snack, will help prevent severe hunger. In addition, frequent fractional nutrition speeds up metabolism and helps in weight loss without much effort.

9. Choose protein foods

Protein-rich foods include ketchup, legumes and homemade cheese. If you maintain a certain level of amino acids in your blood, you will be less likely to feel hungry. In addition, proteins accelerate metabolic processes, resulting in the loss of extra pounds.

10. Aromatherapy

Essential oils are a great way to reduce your appetite. The following types of essential oils are indicated: peppermint, coffee, peach, chocolate, juniper, green apple.

11. Occupations that distract you

To distract your thoughts about food, you can use a simple but effective way – cleaning the toilet, washing the dishes, etc. However, these things must be done, so you catch two rabbits at once!

Thus, following these recommendations, you can reduce your appetite and you will not experience “hunger attacks”. Lose weight quickly and with pleasure! My personal supplement that I alway go back to is Garcinia Cambogia – it’s Amazon’s best seller – it’s a fantastic addition to my diet and lifestyle. Give it a try, see the link below:

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