Be a Toy Swap Manager

It’s not just how your house starts to look with toys spread across literally everywhere, it is all about money now. The amount you’re already spending on 10-minutes-use toys is now the equivalent of a trip to Japan and back. As usual, we’ve got a solution for this hassle!

Why you’ll love it

You will save money on par with the other groups of parents you are usually meeting up to have your and their kids play.

What you’ll need

An initial set of toys that you think might be cool enough for other kids – which, by now you should already know.

How you’ll do it

Even if your child is eager to do it (if not, then you have to act secretly, haha!) choose any of the buckets filled with toys and have it switched with another kid’s toys. Novelty factor will kick in, so will the excitement and, the best part, your little one won’t even see what’s missing from his or her collection.


Now multiply this trick by the number of kids / parents are in your group and you’ll be amazed with the results. Either in cash or just pure joy in seeing your child happy.

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