Be a measurements master WITHOUT a ruler

A consistent part of – generally speaking – “us” has no idea of what 10cm means, or 25cm or 40cm, or whatever dimension you want to talk about. That hack goes exactly in that direction.

Why you’ll love it

You’ll suddenly became a measurement magician, surprising your audience with a milimetrical precision.

What you’ll need

In first instance you will need a ruler, but you can use Google to…

How you’ll do it

… to find out the dimensions of some objects that you are frequently using. Let me explain if you still haven’t got the point:

  • my watch wrist strap is 18mm in width
  • my watch is 42mm in diameter
  • my smartphone is 145x70x10mm (protection case included)
  • my banking cards are 85x54mm (all are the same)
  • an A4 sheet of paper is 210x297mm

…and the list could go on, depending on what are you carrying with you on a regular basis.

Now it’s more easier to figure out some dimensions, isn’t it? Bingo.

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