Avoid swollen legs while flying by doing this hack

travel smart by plane

I (am) was travelling quite a lot before my daughter was born. We stopped doing that once my daughter was born but we restarted our old “habit” quite recently.

One thing that both me and my husband hate while travelling for more than 2-3 hours by plane is the lack space our legs have. Seats are super small, there’s only that much room and so on. Also it’s pretty uncomfortableto ask the person sitting next to us to stand up and let us pass so that we can stand up and move our legs.

Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t move while travelling – on the contrary! Try moving as much as possible (when safe) and make sure you stay as hydrated as possible. However, today’s hack is about taking your comfort to another level.

Introducing: compression socks

I was introduced to these compression socks when my pregnancy reached the 3rd trimester (last 2 months actually). The thing these beauties to is they keep blood vessels optimally open and as less curved as possible so that blood flow stays good even in sitting positions.

What I’ve learned recently is that these socks actually work in flights just as good, if not better. We (both me and my husband) started using them 1 year ago and man, they’ve been life-changers. I don’t have swollen legs anymore, they don’t hurt and I don’t feel them numb while sitting.

We bought ours from Amazon (the #1 Best seller) and never looked back. Super comfortable and high endurance. Since wearing them: no cramps, no pain, nu numbness feeling in my legs.

Feel free to give them a try. I was very suspicious in the beginning, but luckily Amazon lets you return items – however I didn’t feel the need for returning them! One of the best additions to my plane travelling outfits will stick with me!

There you have it! Let me know how they worked for you!