Apple Card is not just the ultimate credit card. It’s a thing you’ll love


When Apple announced their card to be released this summer, I made sure I sign up for it as soon as possible. The simplicity of the digital version of it as well as the metallic-titan design of the actual credit card were just too sexy for me to pass.

Just to give you context, here’s how Apple describes their card: it’s a product designed by them and not a bank (although they work with Goldman Sachs for the actual financial part). That brings the simplicity and elegance only Apple can bring into their Wallet app, where you can see all your transactions beautifully presented, while you gain cash back on a daily basis. There are no fees, not even hidden ones.

The best thing that Apple is solving for is not only the clarity aspect of the transactions, but also how much you need to pay and when, so that you don’t pay any penalties. This is presented in a clear manner that anyone can understand. Here’s their full explanation

However, what blew me away were 2 things.

Activating the card is ridiculously simple

I took a video of the activation process which literally took me 1 second. Check it out:

Remember how activation for any other card works? You need to call a number, tap the CVV code or, log into your bank account and activate it from there. What Apple has accomplished here is putting that experience somewhere in stone age (with all the respect, ahem…).

The card’s packaging is NFC-enabled as well

After I activated the card, I have decided to put the card’s beautiful folding white carton packaging on the side and just brag about it once friends come over. At some point, I brought my phone close enough to the carton packaging, I noticed my phone displayed a “The card is already activated” message which left me puzzled.

I did this multiple times and the message kept popping up which led me to thing there should be something in the actual packaging that the phone detects. Here’s what I discovered: there’s an actual NFC chip as well into the carton wrapping that works in conjunction with the card’s chip, to ensure activation goes properly.

I don’t remember when I got excited last time about a credit card but this definitely is a game changer as well as a design lesson to the finance industry. For this reason and many other more such as budget planning, I suggest you go ahead and apply for one. You need to make sure your iPhone runs the latest iOS version and then visit the Wallet app.

From there, tap the “+” symbol at the top right and select “Add card”. If you don’t see Apple Card, it means you’re not yet eligible but don’t worry, Apple is slowly but constantly rolling this amazing product throughout this summer.

Lastly, don’t forget: this is just another credit card, so make sure you spend cautiously on things that you actually need.