An image of your perfect haircut worth 1000 words

Since I was a kid, getting a haircut was (almost) a nightmare. Not because I was an extravagant, picky customer with too much care about how his hairstyle looks like. Most of the times, my haircut experience was just ending in frustration, because what I had in mind compared to how my hair looked like were just as opposite as night and day.

Soon, I realized two things: I either don’t explain the way I should, or the hairdresser doesn’t get what I’m saying. Like, literally: I am not using the right words or simply the person might have trouble in understanding me. Of course it could have been a mix of the two above, but the result was the same.

More recently, as I moved and lived across different countries in Europe, I had to explain how I need my haircut to look like to different hairdressers in different languages (Spanish and English), which made all the process even more complicated and, obviously, more risky.

Why you’ll love it

This is so simple, you’ll just laugh. Not only that, but this particular hack will minimize the percentage of a haircut catastrophe.

What you will need

Your smartphone and a working camera, ideally a front-facing one.

How will you do it

Here’s the trick: you’ll need at least one good haircut. When that happens, go ahead and take photos from all sides. Save those shots safely on your phone, ideally on Google Photos (assuming you have internet access). Next time you hit the barbershop, your life will be sooo much easier! Something like a walk in the park. Or like Sunday morning!

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