About us

9to5hacks is a project started by 3 good friends based out of Austin, TX and Cambridge, UK. We’re passionate about lifestyle improvement, budget hacks and overall happier lives through intelligent tweaking.

Ina is writing about lifehacking in general while being a parenting aficionado. She is a US-based author for 9to5hacks, where she is focusing on sharing how you can improve your shopping, lifestyle and parenting skills.

Marse is a natural-born lifehacker, living in the UK, contributor for 9to5Hacks. He writes about camping, outdoors, travel, money and pets.

Radu is our 3rd passionate writer currently living in the US. He is all about lifestyle, household and and all kinds of health hacks.

If you want to contribute or you have a recommendation for us, feel free to contact us! We welcome and appreciate any kind of feedback.