A Piece of Heaven: Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowls

Loaded up with ALL the colorful, fresh fruit and crunchy multi-textured toppings you could possibly want. Creamy. Crunchy. Sweet. And positively PACKED with protein.

This little recipe is proof that breakfast can be a healthy + simple + worry-free start to even the busiest days.

These sweet Greek yogurt bowls are a minimalist’s dream. Short ingredient list. No pans to preheat or eggs to crack. Just an undone, low-key version of a parfait.

Layer ingredients in a bowl, swirl together with a spoon, and get down to business (the business of eating, that is). A 5-minute (tops) meal at its finest. Before you know it, you’re ready to dig your spoon right on in.

Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowls – Healthy + 5-min recipe for Greek yogurt breakfast bowls. Topped with fresh fruit + crunchy granola. High protein + low sugar freeyourfork.com

Let me introduce you to my go-to nutritious breakfast. With hearty oat granola + fresh fruit + high-protein organic yogurt – this recipe nails all three major macronutrients (protein / fats / carbs).

Basically everything you need to start your day off on a healthy note.

It’s also my back-pocket easiest ever-EVER recipe for travelling. We make this when we go car camping and even when we stay at a hotel or airbnb. I love that you can find these ingredients pretty easily, wherever you go.

This deconstructed yogurt parfait is fast, filling, and totally forgiving in the ingredients department. Today’s version is sporting my usual combo of raspberries and strawberries. But it plays well with almost ANY kind of fruit.

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I can swap the fruit and toppings to suit whatever season or mood I find myself in. Like more tropical fruit in the summer with coconut chips. Or swapping fresh fruit for thick jams & warm spiced apples in the fall and winter months. The creamy, tangy yogurt pairs well with almost any flavor profile you can dream up.


  • Swap the berries in this recipe for any fruit you like (or any fruit you have)
  • Use chopped spiced nuts instead of granola, if you’re all about living that grain free life
  • Choose between a low fat Greek yogurt, nonfat Greek yogurt, or (my personal favorite) whole milk Greek yogurt. The bounty of toppings will doll up whichever kind you choose to use.
  • A generous spoonful (or two) of cashew butter makes it next level
Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowls – Healthy + 5-min recipe for Greek yogurt breakfast bowls. Topped with fresh fruit + crunchy granola. High protein + low sugar freeyourfork.com

These bowls are great for helping you use up whatever rogue leftover ingredients are living in your fridge / freezer / pantry.

You know when you end up with just a few raisins / chopped walnuts leftover in the cabinet? I always seem to have about four or five almost empty bags of this-or-that hanging out in the pantry. I hate wasting food, but sometimes I’m down to one last bit of something and just don’t know what to do with it. So I end up hoarding it in a cabinet until some random occasion arises where I could use it.

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Those last few pistachios, the last handful of trail mix, the last dollop of nut butter clinging on for dear life at the edges of the jar. Use. Them. Up. Their time has now come. Mix them into this. This is what those last spoonfuls were destined for. Don’t even think twice about it. Interesting textures are what this bowl is all about.

Now let’s chat quickly about the nutrient content of this bowl.


The exact amount varies brand to brand but that’s how much is in the specific kind of yogurt I used (Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt). So if you’re looking to bump up your protein intake but aren’t feelin’ the traditional egg or savory sausage skillet breakfast, this might be right up your alley.

P.S. – The high protein content of Greek Yogurt also makes this bowl an awesome post-workout snack.


  • 1 cup plain Greek Yogurt*


  • ½ c frozen raspberries
  • 5 fresh strawberries, sliced
  • ½ banana, sliced
  • ¼ c granola
  • 1 tbs hemp seeds
  • sprinkle of sliced almonds
  • coconut nectar / honey


  1. MAKE RASPBERRY “SAUCE”: Place frozen raspberries in a small microwaveable bowl or glass. Microwave for 25 seconds and then smash lightly with a fork until it looks like jam. If using fresh berries, skip the microwave and just smash them with a fork.
  2. ASSEMBLE BOWLS: Add yogurt and sweetener of choice to a small bowl, stir until well combined. Spoon raspberry sauce on top. Then layer sliced strawberries & bananas. Finish by sprinkling with crunchy toppings (like granola, hemp seeds, or nuts).
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